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Dimmable Mushroom LED Night Light

Dimmable Mushroom LED Night Light

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Illuminate your space with enchanting Dimmable Mushroom LED Night Lights, available in four delightful variations. Choose between the warm, earthy tones of Beech or Walnut wood finishes, and select your preferred height—Tall or Short—to perfectly complement your décor. These charming lights come in two styles: Plump for a cute and rounded look, or Skinny for a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Powered by USB, these night lights are not only eco-friendly but also equipped with a built-in battery for cord-free operation, offering up to 6 hours of life. Add a touch of nature-inspired charm to any room with our Mushroom Night Lights.




Tall Slim & Tall Plump: 165mm x 100mm
Short Slim & Short Plump: 105mm x 90mm

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