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Ceramic Dinnerware Set

Ceramic Dinnerware Set

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Introducing our luxurious and minimalist dinnerware set, designed to elevate your dining experience to new heights. Crafted from premium quality ceramic, each piece features unique and irregular edges that add a touch of artisanal charm to your table setting. The sleek and sophisticated design of this dinnerware set will complement any dining room decor, while the irregular edges give each piece a one-of-a-kind character that sets it apart from ordinary tableware.

With its durable construction and timeless style, this set is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. Don't settle for ordinary dinnerware when you can enjoy the luxury and uniqueness of our irregular-edged set. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in dining sophistication.

Two person set (10 pieces):
2x small bowl 11cm
2x medium bowl 16cm
2x small dish 16cm
1x deep dish 20.5cm
2x shallow plate 22.5cm
1x large plate 27.5cm

Four person set (18 pieces):
4x small bowl 11cm
2x medium bowl 16cm
4x small dish 16cm
2x deep dish 20.5cm
4x shallow plate 22.5cm
2x large plate 27.5cm




Two person set (pack of 10):
Rice bowl 11cm*2
Medium bowl 16cm*2
Small dish 16cm*2
Deep plate 20.5cm*1
Shallow plate 22.5cm*2
Large plate 27.5cm*1

Four person set (pack of 18):
Rice bowl 11.0cm*4
Medium bowl 16cm*2
Small dish 16cm*4
Deep plate 20.5cm*2
Shallow plate 22.5cm*4
Large plate 27.5cm*2

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