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Willow Grove Picnic Basket Set for Four

Willow Grove Picnic Basket Set for Four

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Introducing the Willow Grove Picnic Basket: a masterfully crafted fusion of elegance and functionality. Made from premium willow, this exquisite basket exudes timeless charm and quality without uttering a word. It effortlessly caters to the needs of up to four individuals, providing a complete dining ensemble of cutlery, plates, and glasses, carefully curated for your indulgence. Accompanying this set are two shakers for the art of seasoning and a sleek bottle opener, ensuring a seamless picnic experience.

What's Included?

1x Willow Grove Picnic Basket
4x Plates
4x Wine Glasses
4x Knives
4x Forks
4x Spoons
2x Shakers
1x Bottle Opener




Dimensions: 41cm x 42cm x 27cm

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